Open At Last

Posted by Linda J Howes on

It has been a crazy couple of weeks getting everything ready singlehandedly to open the doors.  Like building the storage units and workstations.

From this ....

to this ....

to this!

So this one wall was really bugging me and one night before the hardware store closed I rushed out to buy a can of paint and painted it.  


Ultimately I had to hire a couple of guys with a truck, there was just no way I could either lift or transport certain items like this brute of a wall unit.  

At last I had somewhere to start putting stock.

But it is all good to go and I opened the doors for the first time on Friday at about 3:30 in the afternoon.  Truth is a customer had contacted me to let me know they were coming for some product and I thought, why not just open.

Since then I have been open a bit sporadically but had my first full day on Sunday, July 30th.  Lots of people saw my signs and came in, some just to smell the soap as the sign says.

some to lend a hand and get things in order,

and others to buy!  That was the best part, I cannot lie.

So I am officially OPEN!  No set hours yet but I'm working on that too.  Drop by and and smell the soap if you are in the neighbourhood, 79 Bolton St. Unit D, behind the Wheatsheaf Cafe.



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