The Square Debit Debate!

Posted by Linda J Howes on

Let the bells ring out and the banners fly!  It is here at last, here at last!  Square has finally grown up, put on its big boy pants and is now offering debit in Canada!  

As a small business owner I started using the Square Reader shortly after it arrived in Canada.  They revolutionized the industry by allowing small business people like myself an affordable way to accept payments especially at markets and shows.  As time went on more and more vendors got on the Square bandwagon.  However, the drawback was not being able to accept debit. Other companies were seeing the merit of what Square was doing and started developing their own systems which included debit but I had invested in an iPad plus the Square stand for the iPad.  I'd have to say I was getting a might miffed that debit wasn't a possability for my business.  

I rely on providing a service for my customers that will make their shopping experience easy and this wasn't working until...this.

"This is not a test. Debit tap is finally here. With our new Square Reader for contactless and chip, you can accept mobile payments, credit cards and debit tap. And to celebrate its long-awaited arrival, transaction fees on debit tap (normally 10¢ per tap) are on the house until the end of 2017."

About 10 days ago I got this email stating that debit was here.  Frankly I didn't believe it and had to read the email a number of times for it to register.  Could it really be true!  

Once the reality sunk in I placed my order for one, hell, why not get two!  That way when I do shows or markets I will have one there.  How does it get better than that!

The first to arrive was this!  

All excited I couldn't wait to rip it open and set it up but was dismayed to realize, hey wait a minute, hold everything, didn't I order two of these and where is the reader part?  This is only the dock!

After going through a number of maneuvers on the Square website I finally found a phone number (I really don't think they want you calling them) and called.

About an hour later I was able to talk to someone who explained that because of the overwhelming response the readers were on backorder.  DUH, I guess so!  Now it will be two more weeks that I have to look at this dumb dock.


Yes!  My order WAS on its way and the next day (who says Friday the 13 is unlucky?) I received the rest of my shipment.

So now 10 days later the hardware is here and Shining Waters Soap is able to accept debit transactions!  Who wants to be the first?

Just as I was finishing up this lovely customer came it and tested it out!

Always looking for ways to serve my customers better.  Feel free to offer any thoughts, comments or suggestions.



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