Getting Your Beer From A Bar

And by bar I mean a bar of soap.

Well now that's just a waste you say.  Not so fast, I say, and let me tell you why.  

Beer does many things, it quenches your thirst on a hot day or any day, it makes you more flexible (who needs yoga when you have enough beer?) and it makes us all better looking.   

That better looking part holds true whether you get it from a bar (saloon) or in a bar of soap but especially in a bar of soap because you won’t wake up with regrets after using it.  In fact you’ll be glad you did because beer soap can get you worked into a lather just as easily as coming from a bottle or can PLUS it’s loaded with anti bacterial properties and amino acids to clean, soothe, soften and nourish your skin and hair.  

Shining Waters Soap Co. uses only quality ingredients and is pleased to be using The Sawdust City Brewing Co.’s varied selection of beers for all of our beer soaps.    

Next time you want a beer, why not grab a bar of soap instead of a bottle.

All our beer soaps are available at both Sawdust City Brewery and Shining Waters Soap Co.