Good & Clean Laundry Soap

Good & Clean Laundry Soap

  • $8.50

Finely ground Shining Waters Soap Co. soap blended with borax, sodium carbonate, sea salt and essential oils of Eucalyptus Globus and D-limonene

Borax is a naturally occurring element found in different minerals.  It bonds with other particles and helps to disperse the ingredients evenly maximizing its cleaning and disinfecting effectiveness.  

Sodium Carbonate or Washing Soda, a compound composed of sodium, carbon, and oxygen and helps to soften the water as well as cut through greases, waxes, and oils to provide extra cleaning power.

Salt is an effective stain remover (ink, blood, perspiration, grease, rust), brightens yellowed fabric, keeps colours vibrant and prevent colours from bleeding, prevents oversudsing.

Eucalyptus Globus an essential laundry companion that gives a clean, fresh scent as well as helping to remove spots and stains

D-limonene is derived from the skin of citrus fruits and really works to cut through grease, wax, and oil and has a bright, lemony scent.